New Christmas Tree machine type E9H

9 HP Honda Motor
90-130 cm working width
Spring-loaded swingarms
Depth wheel

Here you can get the same equipment as for the E2H!

E9H Svingarmsklipper

Egedal NET LET HANDY Nettingmachine!

Net Let type Handy is an electric driven netting machine for netting of
all kinds of Christmas trees
Driven by a 220 volt electric engine
Type Handy is operated by the means of a foot pedal 
Mounted standard with a clamp hook
Knife for cutting through the net
Ø45 cm plastic funnel 

Opportunity for other funnel sizes!
More details under Christmas trees/Forestry/Nettingmachines!

Click on the pictures for video!
Net Let Handy_1_lilleNet Let Handy_2_lille

Small machine - Big possiblities!

E2H Christmas tree machine can be retrofitted with Spraying-  Fertilizer-  Felling equipment and Base pruner
Take a look at it and watch how it works in the field by clicking on the pictures for video!

E2H_sprøjte E2H_Gødningsnedlægger Juletræsfælder_1_lille Stabklipper_1

Quite simply, when you use a E2H with base pruner!

It goes smoothly with base pruner - Watch the video by clicking on the Pictures!

Stabklipper_1E2H med stabklipper_1E2H med stabklipper_2


Planting wheels 24 and 36-grippers, rubber disk planting wheel and 8-grippers strawberry planting wheels



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