General terms
These terms of sale and delivery are valid for all agreements entered into with Egedal Maskinfabrik A/S,
unless a special agreement in writing is concluded between the two parties. Orders are only considered
acknowledged when they have been accepted by Egedal.


Private policy
Egedal Maskinfabrik A/S is responsible for processing personal data, obtained from visitors via ex
email, telephone or as we receive through the use of this website. In this privacy statement we de-
scribe how we treat these personal data.
What personal data do we collect and what do we use them for?
We process your personal data for the following purposes:

Delivery of your order
For your order we need (company) name, email address, address (s), payment data and sometimes
also your phone number. We will use this data to execute your order to keep you informed and to let
your order proceed as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, we save data about your previous
orders. We process these personal data to enable and improve your ordering process. 
Our customer service
We use personal data you provided us so we quickly can assist you if you have questions and we
make notes about the conversation. These notes form you contact with us are saved so that we
can use them to answer your question.
We offer a range of services regarding repair, warranty and returns of our products. To determine
whether your product is considered for warranty or repair, we use your order data and the personal
data you have provided.

If you have given us permission, we will keep you informed with our newsletters about our offers
and new initiatives, exhibitions and fairs

How do we handle the confidentiality of personal data and the disclosure thereof to third parties?
We appreciate the trust you show us and we will treat your data very carefully. Therefore, we will also
take appropriate safeguards to avoid misuse and restrict unauthorized access to your personal data.
We make sure that only the necessary people have access to your data. Then, of course, we do not
store your data any more than necessary. We of course comply with the Accounting Act, where we
are obliged to keep the information for 5 years. Furthermore, we will not sell your personal information
to third parties. We make your data available only to third parties if you have authorized it or if it is
necessary to: 

Complete your order
Answer your questions
Provide warranty and repair our products

Collect invoices

Prices and terms of payment
Egedal shall reserve the right to debit the customer with increased costs due to price increases, changes of
exchange rates, increased taxation, increased freight rates and insurance costs irrespective of prices quoted
in quotations or order confirmations.

Terms of payment
Payment for ordered good shall be deposited in a bank as security payment in favour of Egedal or an
irrevocable Letter of Credit payable in Denmark and confirmed by if a Danish bank shall be opened. All
banking outside of Denmark to be paid for by the customer, in case of special terms of payment where
these are not observed. Egedal charged interest each month (discount rate plus 6% p.a.)

Terms of delivery
All prices are to be understood ex works and the transport from Egedal is on the account and risk of the buyer.
Egedal shall state the time of delivery. Deliveries, which take pace 4 weeks after the time of delivery stated in
the order confirmation are considered as delivered in time.

Egedal shall not be liable for non-fulfilment of commitments according to quotations or conformations in cases
of force majeure, war, riots,  civil unrest, government or local interventions, strikes, blocades or lockout, bans
on export and import, catastrophes or bad weather conditions, fires, lack of Labour or energy, accidents in con-
nection with tests or other causes beyond Egedals control, which cause a delay of delivery or prevent manu-
facturing of the goods. The above exemption-from-liability are valid whether the non fulfilment can be applied
to Egedal or to one of the suppliers of forwarders chosen by Egedal or occur in connections with the possible
mounting of the equipment. In case Egedal is temporarily prevented from delivering a faultless consignment
or delivering in time, the delivery is deferred for as long as the cause of prevention lasts. In vase the cause of
prevention lasts more than 3 months from the time of delivery stated in the order confirmations, each of the
parties shall be entitled to cancel the quotations of order. Egedal shall not be liable for losses such as trading
losses and losses of profits no matter whether these are due to delays on Egedals part.


Shortcomings and defects
The buyer shall immediately after delivery examine the goods thoroughly. Complaints are to be made in writing
immediately after the shortcoming/defect has been discovered or should have been discovered. Egedal shall
either repair the defect or deliver a new consignment or part of a consignment or reduce the price proportionally.
The buyer shall not be allowed to cancel the order or claim compensation for direct or indirect losses caused by
the lack of the goods - unless the buyer is able to prove that the shortcomings/defects are due to gross negligence
on the part of Egedal.


Complaints for defects on material and constriction shall be made within a period of 12 month to be valid.
Egedal shall only replace parts, which are defect and no other shortcomings. Egedal shall replace the defect
parts free of charge or shall find somebody, who can repair the defects. Wages in connections with replacement
of parts, freight, transportation and other costs such as trading losses and losses of profit are not covered by
Egedal. Parts of replacement will be invoiced by delivery. Parts which are replaced are returned to Egedal
whereupon the customer is credited. Complaints cannot be made in cases of gross negligence on the buyer´s part,
for instance by use of large machines, running into earth fast stones, too heavy loading and other faulty use of
the goods.

Product liability
Egedal shall only be liable for damages caused by the product, if it can be proved that the damages are due to
faults on Egedals part. Egedal shall never be liable for trading losses, losses of profit or other indirect losses.
Egedals liability for damages cannot exceed DKK 500.000,-. Egedal shall only be liable for a period of 12 month
from the goods are handed over to the buyer or for damages caused during mounting of the equipment. In case
Egedal is held responsible for damages on third party, Egedal hall be entitled to recourse against the buyer -
unless it can be proved that Egedal according to the above terms is liable for the final loss.

Statute-barred claims
All claims raised against Egedal are statute-barred - unless claims are mad within a 12 month-period after the
goods are handed over to the buyer. 

All disputes arisen in connection with sales from Egedal shall be settled at the Danish SO- & Handelsret
(Maritime & Commercial Court) in Copenhagen. The parties agree to settle alle disputes in accordance with 
Danish law.