Christmas Tree machine type E9H, 9HP

E9H, MOWER WITH DOUBLE SWINGARMS, also with mower in the middle (picture 2)
9 HP Honda Motor
90-130 cm working width
Spring-loaded swingarms
Depth wheel

Mower with double swingarms is only designed for E9H                                             E9H basis machine

E9H SvingarmsklipperSvingarmsklipper_1_lilleE9H Basismaskine_1_lille

Small machine - Big possiblities!

E2H/E9H Christmas tree machine can be retrofitted with Spraying-  Fertilizer-  Felling equipment, Base pruner,
Mower, Mower with swingarms in 2 designs!

E2H_sprøjte E2H_Gødningsnedlægger Juletræsfælder_1_lille Stabklipper_1
Græsklipper_1_lille Svingarmsklipper single_1_lille E2H_sulky E2H_tvillinghjul


Christmas trees/Forestry

Nursery garden

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